1. All voiceover recordings remain copyright of Liam Quigley and are protected under Irish and EU digital copyright law.
  2. Please ensure all third-party clients are informed of copyright and usage restrictions on voiceovers.
  3. Where possible please use watermarks on client copy demos to avoid unauthorised distribution.
  4. Extra usage on radio , tv, cinema or internet allowed only with permission, extra fees apply.
  5. By accepting the audio files the client/customer is deemed to have accepted all terms and conditions.
  6. Scripts must be supplied by you in email form ideally as a word document attachment or equivalent.
  7. We don’t take scripts over the phone. 8.
  8. Payment is required in advance of any delivery of file for new clients Payment otherwise expected strictly within 30 days.
  9. The exception is where we have a separate agreement directly with you.
  10. Payment is accepted by Cheque, Bank Transfer or Credit Card. Cheque and Bank transfer may delay delivery.
  11. Any changes to the script after sign off /recording/delivery will incur a re-record fee.
  12. Any errors in the script on your part after sign off and recording requiring a re-recording session will attract a re-record fee.
  13. Any errors on our part or that of the voiceover in the recording or the reading of the script will be corrected free of charge e.g. Names, prices, pronunciations.
  14. There will be approximately 6 weeks during the year when supply is unavailable due to annual leave.
  15. There is no service contract or ongoing commitment.
  16. Notification of any errors in the file must be received within 14 days of file delivery.
  17. All recordings will be voiced by Liam Quigley unless otherwise instructed at order stage.
  18. You may not sell or distribute the recording outside your organization.
  19. You may make copies for back-up/records purposes.
  20. The recording may only be used for the licensed purpose and term and not used on any other media including Internet, Radio & TV.
  21. Extra or extensions to terms or media MUST be licenced.
  22. Storage of scripts is your responsibility.
  23. Voiceovers as digital audio file product with no Digital Rights Management so no refunds can be given after delivery.
  24. Charges apply for the recording of a voiceover reragdless or whether it went to air or not.