Liam Quigley Voice Overs

Liam Quigley is an Irish voice over artist who's been supplying the industry for over a decade.
He has a naturally warm and welcoming voice that has been featured in a range of projects, from commercial and corporate video voiceovers to radio and television voice overs.

Liam’s Irish accent brings a unique charm to his voice overs and ensures that his clients get the best possible results.
He is highly experienced and always strives to deliver the highest quality with a professional and efficient service.

His passion for the industry shines through in his voice recordings and his clients regularly come back for their future voice over needs.

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+353 16019100

Liam Quigley is your go-to person when it comes to adding the perfect final touch to your internet video, TV commercial, or sales pitch.

With his expertise in voiceovers for video, he can bring a professional and captivating element to your project. Whether you need a persuasive voiceover for a promotional video or a soothing and informative narration for a documentary, Liam Quigley has got you covered. His exceptional vocal skills, combined with his understanding of the power of voice in storytelling, will ensure that your message is effectively communicated to your target audience.

Don't settle for amateur voiceovers; trust Liam Quigley to elevate your video to the next level and leave a lasting impact on your viewers.

Voiceover for Video

Liam is by far one of the most professional voice over artists we work with.

He brings a level of polish to any campaign and always turns things around quickly. A pleasure to deal with.


"A total pro, silky smooth voice over, recording environment sounds A1, knows how to give you the perfect delivery every time, dependable…., and well he’s a nice guy too. Wow! How can one guy have it all…, ha!"


Liam has everything you would look for in a voice over. An excellent sounding voice with great delivery.

A high quality studio, good availability and is very enjoyable to work with.


Liam has been working with us here in WLR for over 25 years now, first as our station voice and now as a valued voice over. He's a supremely talented guy who at all times is friendly, accommodating and most importantly gives us pristine audio that's perfect for our needs first time every time.


Liam has the perfect versatile and reassuring voice to suit a wide range of our regular clients here at Bauer Media Ireland.




For voice over inquiries, please contact Liam Quigley.

Liam Quigley is a "FULL TIME Professional Irish voice over and voice actor, meaning he's available when you are.
You can listen in and contribute to/direct a recording session via Skype or Similar Software and record directly with programs like Source Connect
.For most "Record and Send" recordings, delivery is usually same day when your voice over order/script arrives before 1pm
His warm, clear, flexible voice has great range and a natural style of vocal delivery.
With years of experience he's a regular and trusted choice by media companies and direct clients in Ireland and worldwide.
Liam’s voiceovers include Corporate, TV, Radio, game and app characters, animations, explainer videos, info-mercials, telephone IVR’s and on-hold messages.
Liam records at his own professional purpose built voice studio just outside Dublin or can appear at any external studio.
Live connections are also possible or self-record.

"I've been a voice over and voice actor now for well...too long to remember comfortably.
Over the years I've learned a lot.
Coming from a Radio and Production background made it easy and all the more interesting.
I use all my experience and ability to give you the best quality recording possible, inline with your expectations and needs.
I understand how vocal clarity, flexibility, range and quality are essential in all voiceover recordings to deliver the creator's idea.
I've had a passion for voice acting all my life. I love a good script and plenty direction.
You have the choice of LIVE directed sessions by IP connection or wav as a download.
Get in touch for a no obligation quote or just a chat."

Liam Quigley